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‘Muscle Mass Routine’

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Cindy Training ‘Muscle Mass Routine’

The classic, tried tested and true muscle building routine

The aim of this routine is Simple, to INCREASE MUSCLE SIZE, not to get you ‘In Shape For the Summer’, or to ‘Reveal that hidden 6 Pack’. You won’t find this routine in any lifestyle magazine or television shopping channel, and NO you can’t ‘do it in your lunch hour’….

This routine builds REAL MUSCLE, that’s it, that’s all! If you’ve been searching in vain for a routine that will actually add inches to your Chest, arms and legs then this is it, look no further!

This will WORK FOR ALL OF YOU that are looking for additional size or even struggling to gain those first few pounds, the frustration stops here!

It’s a 4-DAY-ROUTINE, each workout lasting approximately 1 hour with no additional training required, the essence is to stimulate maximum muscle growth by using the most effective exercises and then getting out of the gym to begin your recovery and growth.

With a FULL DESCRIPTION of every area of your training, rest and recovery, it is as much an education in weight training as a routine.

What Clients Say

„As a seasoned weight trainer of over 20 years, I felt certain there was nothing new out there to help me progress further than the methods I was already using, but once I started training with this program the results were astounding, it’s simple but extremely effective, and a tonic among all of the overblown, overcomplex programs available. Simple, Concise, Effective! Here’s to the next 20 years, training the Cindy way!“

Mark Thomas
London (England)

„I had been attempting to build my body through College, trying a lot of the methods promoted online, yet in truth making very little progress, then I found Cindy’s Muscle Mass routine and EVERYTHING changed, I saw real results within the Month, and 18 months in, I am up 30lb of muscle. This program is the cornerstone of ALL of my progress. I used to change my programs regularly, looking for the perfect routine, well now I have it!“

Jason Holloway
New York City (USA)

I am sure that you will like the Muscle Mass Routine. It will help you to reach your goals!

Train Heavy, Train Hard!