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LEAN Muscle Building Nutrition Guide

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In this Nutrition Guide I will show you:

check_greenExact Nutrition plan to maximise your training results

check_greenFoods, Meals, Amounts and Timing easily explained

check_greenThis isnt a diet sheet, this is YOUR education

check_greenCreate your own meals with a template.

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Correct nutrition is the building material of your physique

You can have the greatest architectural diagram (your training program) and the hardest working construction team (your effort in the Gym), but, if you don’t have your nutrition requirements correct, you aren’t giving your construction team the bricks, steel and concrete they need to Build Your Body!

HERE you’ll find an exacting nutrition plan that will ensure that your body has all of the quality nutrition in the right quantities at the right time!

This isn’t just a diet sheet, it’s an education into why certain foods are required at certain times of the day and why the timing of your meals is as important as the meals themselves, you won’t be blindly following a program, you will fully understand what to eat, why and when, empower yourself with this knowledge, leave no holes in your game!

I include a template that allows you to create your own meals using foods from the correct groups, this ensures that your body is in an anabolic state around the clock. The difference that this makes is ‘Night and Day’ and it is how the professionals are able to keep on developing their muscles at a rate that most people can only dream of.

One of the questions that I am asked the most, is how I’m able to stay ‘in-shape’ year round? Well, correct nutrition is 80% of it. Join me.

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