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Purpose of Personal Training | Why do you need a Personal Fitness Trainer?

An experienced personal trainer can respond to his customers in a targeted and very specific manner and create tailor-made training programs over many months. Through many years of experience in personal training, I know exactly how to accompany a person so that he or she can achieve their personal goals in the areas of figure, fitness, health, muscle building and fat burning. A good coach knows exactly how to get the customer to the goal. With the abundance of information available today, it is impossible to figure out what it takes to achieve your personal physical goals, be it weight loss, muscle building, event preparation, or military. As a trainer, I know exactly how to lead my customers to the goal step by step in the Centurion Club (Personal Trainer Zurich Seefeld).

Personal Trainer Zurich | What does a Personal Trainer do?

As a trainer, I work with different people every day who want to work on their own bodies. It is very important to me that I know my customers. The more I know about a person, the better I can respond to them and create personalized training and nutrition plans. My job is to respond to the customer, to understand their wishes and ideas, but also to know the requirements of the customer so that I can put together realistic training programs that will successfully bring my customers to their goals in the short and long term. – Google user question to C. Landolt, Personal Trainer Zurich

What do I need to know before hiring a Personal Coach?

Before hiring, you should know how long he has been working in personal training, he has a lot of experience with many different people of all ages, different conditions and circumstances. It is also important to know where the coach offers his services. When a customer works with me, I can guarantee a very professional environment, safe and efficient devices, privacy and discretion of my customers. Before a person starts personal training, they should clearly define their goals, the trainer must understand the potential customer and you must be sympathetic to each other in order to start working together. Before hiring, I advise everyone to meet the personal trainer for an interview beforehand, to ask any questions they want to know before starting to work.

How much does a Personal Trainer / Personal Training cost?

The costs depend on the location, gym and, experience of the trainer. The costs also depend on the number of training sessions, memberships in the fitness center or where you train. I always advise making sure that the customer knows about all costs and memberships before starting the training. In this way misunderstandings can be avoided. – User question to Cindy (Personal Trainer Zurich)

Is it worth paying for Personal Training?

A good Trainer offers a serious and professional service. A Top Trainer has invested a lot in Training and further Education and can specifically lead his Customers to Positive Results. Payment should always be arranged before the start of the Training, so there are no misunderstandings.

How do I find the right Personal Fitness Trainer?

The easiest way is to look at different trainers, meet, interview, and ask questions. It is important to look at the place where personal training takes place to see if you understand each other well and feel good. One should be sympathetic and be able to imagine a longer collaboration. The fitness trainer is a caregiver and the chemistry, even if it is a service and contract, must be right. For me, it is the be-all and end-all that my members feel good at the Centurion Club Zurich, know that I am there for you, not only during the training session but also on training-free days I am available for questions. A trainer takes care of his customers. In order to find the right trainer, it is always worth getting to know each other before starting the training.

How do I keep myself fit while traveling?

I offer all my customers travel and vacation training programs. I design them personally for the customer and all training routines that my customers do abroad and when traveling, you get at no extra charge. It is important to me that my customers like to keep fit and so the holiday program and customer care are also part of my work spectrum. – A question to C. Landolt, Personal Trainer Zurich

How often should I see a Personal Trainer?

It is very individual. I recommend my customers to train at least twice a week, so the body can best change and adapt. Regular exercise and an ongoing training cycle are very important. As a personal trainer, I know my customers and what they need. I can make targeted personal recommendations about how often you should train with me in order to really achieve your goals.

How long does it take for the results of a Personal Trainer to become visible?

On the one hand, you need the trainer who knows exactly how to advance the trainer. An experienced coach knows exactly how to achieve changes in the customer in a short time. As a personal trainer, I always offer bespoke nutrition plans together with the training, which my clients can also use outside of the Centurion Club. This is the only way to achieve goals even faster. The positive changes can often be felt very quickly. The visible effects of personal training are always evident but also depend on the goal, the regularity of the training and the physical condition and cooperation of the customer.

How do I recognize a good Personal Trainer?

Ask the potential trainer about his experiences with customers, maybe he has already trained similar cases. Ask the trainer about his own training experience and training. You should also feel comfortable with the personal trainer. The chemistry between two people has to be right if you choose a trainer. You can tell a good personal trainer from the open conversation, how he or she responds to your questions. Be curious and also critical! A professional personal trainer knows how to respond to customer questions and can explain how personal training works. It is important that personal training is PERSONAL. Make sure your training program is tailored to you personally and not just a standard training program. – Cindy Landolt, Personal Trainer Zurich

Personal Trainer Zurich: How long does it take to become a Fitness Trainer?

Today there are many daily courses where you become a fitness trainer. However, this does not mean that the fitness trainer has his own training experience or experience in personal training in order to be able to provide customers with the correct professional care. An excellent fitness trainer stands out on the one hand through training and many years of practical experience. The training should take place in an excellent, professional environment so that the training can be carried out efficiently and safely.

Can anyone become a Personal Trainer?

Yes, unfortunately it is not a protected profession and so anyone can be called personal trainer and offer these services. It is therefore extremely important to visit the trainer in the gym or gym where they train, to have a conversation and to discuss the possible cooperation of the personal training.

What questions should I ask a Personal Trainer?

If potential customers visit me, you can ask me all questions about body, training and nutrition in order to achieve your goals. Age, training, personal training experience, experience with other customers, how long I have been working as a trainer, the cost of personal training and the membership costs of my fitness center Centurion Club Zurich are also important questions that should be clarified on the part of the customer. The more exchange there is, the better, so I can show the customer that he is in the right hands with me. But even during the training, my customer can ask relevant questions at any time. I am a personal trainer, personal training is personal and personal means dealing with customers 1 to 1 and being there for them.


How can I book a personal training (with Cindy Landolt, Personal Trainer Zurich Seefeld) or become a member of the Centurion Club?

For more information on how to book your personal training or become a member of the Centurion Club in Zurich, send us your request using our contact form or by email to:


Personal Trainer Zurich: How do I find the Centurion Club in Zurich Seefeld?

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