For the last 2 years I’ve had different stem cell treatments with high success and would like to share my success story with you. My intention is to spread the word – and many more people learn about stem cell treatments.

Stem cells have the ability to replicate and develop into healthy new tissue as well as to tackle inflammation, degeneration and tissue damage. As you age or get injured, you may not have enough of these stem cells to fully repair affected areas.

Algocells stem cell therapy procedures help overcome this challenge.

If you’re interested in stem cell injections or stem cell treatments, please get in touch with Algocells directly or contact me for more information using the form on this page.

In co operation with Dr. Kirkor and Algocells I will be the Rehab trainer for all their treatments – 1 to 1 at the Centurion Club Zurich as well as online.

No matter where you are from and where you are at home and recovering from your Stem cell treatment I can help you with customised rehabiliation programs which help you to maximise the stem cell treatment and bring you back to a pain free life.

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I look forward to supporting you!


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    One of the World’s Most Advanced Stem Cell Procedures for Joint and Spine Pain

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